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Vulcanizing Unit, Mechanical

Pressure is applied via special pressure spindles using a torque wrench.


Vulcanizing Unit, Hydraulic

Pressure is applied via special hydraulic cylinders over a Manual or Motor hydraulic pump. Specific surface pressure up to 140 N/cm².


Vulcanzing unit, HS

Pressure is applied by a pressure bag using a compressed-air compressor or a water pump.

  • Less weight of several components 
  • Uniform temperature and pressure distribution

HS Presse


Vulcanizing unit KL

The Vulcanizing unit KL is a compact and less weight unit, specially adapted for a mobile operation. The great advantage is the integrated temperature and pressure controller.

Vulkanisierpresse KL


Repair unit

The Repair units are suitable for the repair of edges, longitudinal cracks and minor belt damages.


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