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Künneth & Knöchel was founded in Magdeburg in 1887 and has been manufacturing vulcanizing units for worldwide use.

Every unit is manufactured for a specifi c application. We build units for conveyor belts with fabric or steel cord plies up to a belt width of 3,200 mm. The heating platens and pressure bars we use are made of high-quality special aluminium to give many years of reliable service with a high tensile and bending strength. They are selectively available in the forms rectangular shape or rhombic 16.42°, 22° or 30°.

The electrical heating of the heating platens is realised by flat tube heating elements as well as heating foils. The flat tube heating elements are embedded in stainless steel tubing for protection against rust and moisture. Direct contact of the tubes with the heating platens ensures rapid heating. The heating foils are made of silicone with a temperature resistance up to 220°C. The heat flow is evenly distributed everywhere because the heating foil covers the whole surface.

For rapid cooling, our vulcanizing heating platens are available with optional compressed-air or water cooling system. With the water cooling system the heating platens can be cooled down till 80 °C within 10–15 minutes. The electric controller of our vulcanizing units can be operated alternatively by hand or automatically.

We stock a wide range of spare parts to provide a 24-hour service within Germany. All vulcanizing units are thoroughly tested by qualifi ed specialists prior to delivery, including safety and functional tests according to VDE0100 to ensure the highest standard of quality for our products. Only a perfectly functioning vulcanizing unit ensures a perfectly spliced conveyor belt.

We will be happy to provide a quotation without obligation as well as advice on all aspects of our products.

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